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Chicken Satay (4pcs)


Traditional Thai style, grilled and then served

with yummy peanut sauce

Fish Cake (4 pcs)


Mince fish with chilli paste, deep fried and

served with sweet chilli sauce

Spring Roll (4 pcs)


Thai style spring roll vegetarian, served with Thai sweet chilli sauce

Curry Puff (4 pcs)


Vegetable wrapped in pastry served with sweet sauce

Coconut Prawn (4 pcs)


Thai style deep fried prawns with shredded coconut served with mayonnaise sauce

Calamari Rings


Deep fried calamari ring served with sweet sauce

Mixed Entree (5 pcs)


Satay, Roll, Fish Cake, Curry Puff, Calamari Ring & Mixed Sauce

Dim Sim (4 pcs)


Minced pork, Cabbage, Wombok with Soy Sauce