Chicken, Beef, Pork, Tofu                  $17.50

Duck, Prawns                                           $19.50

Seafood                                                       $21.50

Vegetarian                                                 $15.50

Cashew Nut Sauce

Stir fried with our special sauce, mixed vegetable, onion,

beans topped with cashew nuts.

Garlic and Pepper Sauce

Stir fried garlic and pepper sauce with mixed vegetable,

onion, mushroom and shallot

Chilli and Basil Sauce

Stir fried chilli sauce with onion, green beans, bamboo shoots,

carrot, capsicum and fresh Thai basil leaves.

Oyster Sauce

Stir fried in oyster sauce with assorted vegetables and mushroom

Ginger Sauce

Stir fried with fresh ginger, assorted vegetables and shallot

Sweet and Sour (Pork or Prawns or Chicken)

Crispy fried topped with sweet and sour sauce, onion,

capsicum, tomato, pineapple and shallots.